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The APA is the World's Largest Amateur Pool League with more members than all other amateur leagues combined. Nationally, the APA currently boasts over 260,000 members (and growing). Our local league is growing as well.
Talk to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers and you will see that they either play in the APA or know someone who does. People from all different backgrounds and walks of life play in the APA Pool League. In addition, over one fourth of APA members are female. APA is a great way to "Have Fun, Meet People, & Play Pool!" 
 Memphis APA 8-Ball Doubles Vegas Qualifiers- The Bastinadoes
                          Memphis 8-Ball Doubles Vegas Qualifiers- The Hard Workers
                                      Memphis APA 8-Ball Doubles Vegas Qualifiers- Old Skool

Latest News

2018 Fall Session 9-Ball Tri-Cup Rosters
Thursday, February 28, 2019
9Ball Fall Tri Cup RostersPlease check out the previously posted brackets to see where and when your team will be playing next weekend (March 8-9) Good luck to all of the teams! ...more...

Monday, February 18, 2019
The 2018 APA 9-Ball FALL Session Tri-Cup is scheduled for March 8-9th, 2019 at The Rack and Getaway. The tournament consists of 28 teams and is Modified Single Elimination. EIGHT teams will qualify fo...more...

Team Captain Vegas Qualifier
Thursday, February 7, 2019
Memphis APA Team Captains Vegas QualifierMarch 23, 2019 at SharpshootersStart Time: 10:00 am3 CAPTAINS on a roster! MUST have 2 sessions as Team Captain and remain a Captain in the Summer Session!!(Op...more...

2019 Spring Regionals Location Change
Monday, January 14, 2019
NOTICE TO ALL SPRING REGIONAL PLAYERS:We were just notified that ALL Memphis APA players will be playing in the Spring Regionals in Little Rock, AR. The location will be Krome Billiards in North Littl...more...

Memphis APA Recruiter of the Month Incentive Program
Thursday, December 13, 2018
Recruiter of the MonthWho will earn this title first?? ...more...

Memphis APA Shoot for the Cure Donation to St. Jude
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Thank you Memphis APA for making this happen! Our pool family came together for a worthy cause and gave back to the kids at St. Jude!...more...

Online Tournament Registration
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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Important Rules to Remember!!
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Memphis APA- this is a little reminder of a couple of very important rules in the Official Team Manual. Please look over these. We would hate for teams to lose points when these rules are violated. Th...more...

We Want You!!
Thursday, August 2, 2018
Division Reps Wanted!We are looking for a few good men and women to become Divison Reps in the Memphis APA. In order to apply for this position, you must be an active Memphis APA member. If you want m...more...

Big Table League Forming Now!!
Thursday, August 2, 2018
Want to play on the BIG tables?Memphis APA is starting weekly league play on big tables. If you are interested in joining a team or forming your own team, please give us a call. 901-481-5129 Bobby & N...more...

Members Services
You can have access to your stats, schedules, rosters and more by creating an account at http://members.poolplayers.com or create an APA Member Account using the "Create Account" link at the top of any of the pages of this website.  It's FREE and takes just a few minutes. Once you have created and confirmed your account, log in to your APA account using the "Log In" link at the top of any of the pages of this site and then select "Online Member Services" from the left menu, which will take you to your Member Page. 

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  • Having fun, meeting new people and playing pool is what the APA is all about.. You don't have to be a pool shark, because in the APA -- everyone can play and anyone can win. The APA wants beginners and novices, because it is the AMATEUR Poolplayers Association. No other organization in pool gives ordinary players a chance to win a share of nearly $1.5 MILLION guaranteed cash and prizes paid out through its national tournaments.  How does the APA do it? It uses The Equalizer® handicap system to determine the amount of games a player has to win in order to capture the match. It allows a novice to win less games than a more-skilled opponent to win a match.

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    March 2019
    Events for the Next Month
    Date Description
    Apr 6 2019 12:30PM - Apr 6 2019 11:59PM Splashboard Qualifier 9-Ball
    Apr 6 2019 12:30PM - Apr 6 2019 11:59PM Splashboard Qualifer 8-Ball
    Apr 6 2019 2:30PM - Apr 6 2019 11:59PM Second 8-Ball Splashboard (IF FULL)
    Apr 7 2019 2:00PM Masters League
    Apr 7 2019 2:00PM Juniors League
    Apr 20 2019 10:00AM - Apr 20 2019 11:59PM 2019 Jack & Jill Vegas Qualifier
    Apr 21 2019 2:00PM Masters League
    Apr 28 2019 2:00PM Ladies League
    May 10 2019 6:30PM - May 11 2019 11:59PM 2019 8-Ball Spring Tri-Cups
    May 17 2019 6:30PM - May 18 2019 11:59PM 2019 Spring 9-Ball Tri-Cups
    May 25 2019 10:00AM - May 25 2019 11:59PM 2019 Best of the Rest 8-Ball
    May 26 2019 10:00AM - May 26 2019 11:59PM 2019 Best of the Rest 9-Ball
    May 31 2019 7:00PM - Jun 3 2019 11:59PM 2019 8 Ball World Qualifier
    Jun 8 2019 10:00AM - Jun 8 2019 11:59PM 2019 Ladies 8-Ball World Qualifier
    Jun 8 2019 10:00AM - Jun 8 2019 11:59PM 2019 Masters Vegas Qualifier
    Jun 14 2019 7:00PM - Jun 17 2019 11:59PM 2019 9 Ball World Qualifier