Two Team Tournaments will be held in 2017. 9-Ball in July and 8-Ball in December. Anyone playing in either tournament must be a paid, established APA member, active on a team coordinating with the format. For example to play in the July 9-Ball tournament you must be active on a 9-Ball team. The max handicap for each team is 23 (just like in weekly play). There are 16 available slots for teams in each format. Both tournaments will be modified single elimination format. Each team entry fee is $340 and must be paid before play begins. $1000. will be added to each team tournament. A second chance scotch doubles tournament will be offered on Sunday. 
9-Ball is Friday July 14th  - Sunday July 16th. Start time is 7pm. @ High Pockets.
8-Ball is Friday Dec 1st - Sunday Dec 3rd. Start time is 7pm. @ The Rack.