Memphis Area - APA    

Bounty Program:

Starting in the spring, we are going to restart the APA Memphis Bounty program. Every week three players will be selected to be the weekly bounty. One 8-Ball, one 9-Ball and one Doubles Division player. The bounty will be posted on the website and Facebook each week. 

If the bounty player wins the match, they don’t have to play APA fees for that match, just the applicable green fees. If the bounty player loses, their opponent earns a free night of pool, but they still pay their green fees as well. 

A bounty player will not be selected for both 8-ball and 9-ball player matches in a single week. For example if John is selected as Bounty on his 8-ball team, he cannot be selected as a Bounty on his 9-ball team, in cases of Double Jeopardy teams. So in this case John is selected as a Bounty on his 8-ball team, he does not pay for his 8-ball match but must pay for his 9-ball match if applicable.